11 August 2003: Classes over.
I'm done with classes now, so hopefully, I'll start commiting code sometime soon.

UPDATE: Long live me as the maintainer of KTagit! Yes, I've changed my mind. I'm such a dork.

13 July 2003: On Hiatus
I'm currently on hiatus from KTagit development while I finish my summer university classes. I'll continue to be available to accept patches and suggestions and all that good stuff. Just send me an email.
29 June 2003: KTagit 0.7 Makes More Progress
Made another leap today with KTagit 0.7. The listview now displays filenames. :) May not seem like much, but I had to lay a lot of groundwork before working on that part of it. Also, I've decided to ditch the tabs in favor of a more filetype agnostic view. MP3s and OGGs are now edited in the same view. Other little fixes and such have made it in so far. I'm shooting for a mid August release. Here's to getting there.

18 June 2003: Still here
I'm still here, but very busy. Am working on getting the UI working, and trying to pass my summer classes at university. :) Also, Chad Nouis has submitted a patch which gives the KTagit folder view behavior similar to KDirSelectDialog. Thanks Chad! If you feel like helping out, email me.

26 May 2003: More Coding
Made some major headway on KTagit 0.7 in that I have about 6-9 of the classes started. Nothing usable in CVS yet, but hopefully that will change over the next week or so. Unfortunately, university starts again in a week. :(

10 May 2003: End of Semester - Coding Frenzy Starts
The end of the school semester is finally here, and now I'm going to start coding like a madman :). Check the feature requests and see if somebody hasn't added something you want to see already, or you can Email me with any features you want to see.

02 May 2003: Updates
It feels like awhile since I've posted anything here, so I'll post an update now :). KTagit 0.6.1a seems to be stable since i haven't had very many (aka none) people report new bugs. Either that, or they have and since my email has been down for a few days now, I just could not have gotten them. KTagit 0.7 is progressing very slowly due to the end of the semester here at school. I have three weeks from school off coming up, so hopefully I'll have more time.

25 April 2003: KTagit 0.6.1a Released
KTagit 0.6.1a has been released. This release includes very small misc. fixes that don't require a full version bump. Grab it from the usual places.

20 April 2003: KTagit 0.6.1 Released
KTagit 0.6.1 restores QT/KDE 3.0 compatibility and fixes a few other bugs pointed out to me a couple of days ago. Thanks to Reinhardt Wolf and Aris Basic for the bug reports.

18 April 2003: QT 3.0 and KDE 3.0 Compatibility
KTagit 0.6 is not compatible with QT 3.0.x and KDE 3.0.x. Thanks to Reinhardt Wolf for pointing this out to me. A 0.6.1 release is planned to fix this particular issue. The 0.7 release of KTagit will be for QT 3.1 or greater and KDE 3.1 or greater.

15 April 2003: KTagit 0.7 Planning in progress
I've started planning KTagit 0.7. My first plan is for this to be a rewrite of the entire application, using .ui files for the widgets wherever possible, adding some new features and just trying to improve the code. If there is a new feature that you would like to see in 0.7, email me or add a feature request.

11 April 2003: KTagit 0.6 Released
KTagit 0.6 has been released. The "Edit Tag from Name" tab should work correctly now. Ogg Support has been removed for this release, but should reappear for the 0.7 release.
07 April 2003: Edit Tag from Name
The edit tag from filename feature has been in KTagit for awhile, but it didn't work (at least not for me anyway), but it works now. That's what I've spent the last 10 or so days doing. However, in the process, I changed something else and so I only get ID3v1 tags now. *sigh*
28 March 2003: Updates
I changed the way the build system works somewhat. I renamed the Makefile.dist to Makefile.cvs since that's what most other KDE packages seem to do. Other than that, not much else other than experimenting with new icons for some buttons. Haven't found anything I like though.
21 March 2003: New Icons wanted.
I have a few new icons for KTagit ready, but i haven't yet put them in CVS to check out or integrated them in the build. You can see the new icons by clicking the links below. They are icon sized though, so they're probably a little small I've based them off the KDE 3.1 default icon theme, Crystal. If anybody who is a GIMP fiend is interesting in making some icons in KTagit, email me, and I'll let you know what I need in the way of icons.
20 March 2003: New MP3 List View Widget Scrapped
Ok, I changed my mind about the new MP3 list view widget i'd been working on. Basically, it comes down to having to modify too much of the code as i don't really want to do a huge rewrite of KTagit just yet.

14 March 2003: New MP3 List View Widget
I'm currently working on a new mp3 list view widget that will give users the ability to edit the two different ID3 tag types simutaneously. Feel free to grab the source from CVS and send me patches if you want to help
07 March 2003: Spanish Translation added
A Spanish translation has been added to KTagit. Thanks to Quique for sending me the translation. Download the HEAD branch of CVS to try it out and send me bug reports if it doesn't work.
27 February 2003: KTagit 0.5 Released!!
KTagIt 0.5 has been released. See the changelog below for all the wonderful things that were added or got fixed in this release
24 February 2003: New Maintainer
Hi, I'm Matt. I've become the new maintainer of KTagit, as Pierre no longer has time to work on it. I've already added a few things to CVS and if you want to see what I've done, then check out the HEAD branch of CVS as I've moved development there. The DEV and META_INFO branches should no longer be used and maybe be removed in the near future. There are several ways to contact me and they're listed below. If you're interested in helping out on development, email me!
25 October 2002 :
I'm working on a better integration of KTagIt in KDE. I have to improve some KDE components, like the mp3 kfile-plugin (from kdemultimedia). The development of ktagit will also idle a little until I'm done with it. The problem is that the mp3 kfile-plugin does not support the id3v2 tags. You can already see the version of ktagit that use this library, I create a branch tagged "META_INFO" that already use it. But your id3v2 tags will not be supported.

Latest Release: 0.6

Download the source from SourceForge

 2003-03-07 Matt Rogers <matt at matt.rogers.name>
   * Added .cvsignore files for the CVS Repository

 2003-03-29 Matt Rogers <matt at matt.rogers.name>
   * sorting by track actually sorts in numerical order

 2003-04-07 Matt Rogers <matt at matt.rogers.name>
   * Removed the KTagItListViewItem base class
   * Disabled Ogg support due to the above change
   * "Edit Tag From Name" tab now works correctly

Get sources from CVS

Stable Branch

The most stable branch of the KTagit CVS repository is the KTAGIT_0_6_BRANCH branch.

To get the latest stable release from CVS, use :
export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@cvs.ktagit.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/ktagit
cvs login (press enter at the password prompt)
cvs -z3 checkout -r KTAGIT_0_6_BRANCH ktagit

Development Branch

To get the latest development snapshot, use:
export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@cvs.ktagit.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/ktagit
cvs login (press enter at the password prompt)
cvs -z3 checkout ktagit

Compiling KTagit from CVS

To compile KTagit after checking it out from CVS, type the following:
make -f admin/Makefile.common
./configure --enable-debug=full
(So if it crashes, you can send me a useful backtrace ;) )
make install
(must be root)

Comments and Feedback

To contact me, please send me a message
Send me bugs reports, feature requests, comments, feedback, etc. Doesn't really matter just as long as it's related to KTagit :)

You can also use the trackers to submit bugs and feature requests
the trackers.


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